Week 1

T August 21 – First Day of Class – Course Policies – Overview
Homework: Read “Letting Go” by Atul Gawande and “Deconstructing Gawande” by Ed Yong

R August 23 – Gawande, Popular Science Writing and Unit 1 Project Overview – Groups
Homework: Read “The Mouse Trap: Part 1” and listen to 2 Docs Talk episode 16 Can You Trust Medical Research? 

Week 2:

T August 28 – Interrogating Science – Finding Science Resources in the Library – Scientific Research – John Oliver – Finding Potential Topics
Homework: Read The Global Burden of Medical Innovation & select 2-3 potential topics & find 1-2 sources using the library resources.

R August 30 – Topics – Think Tanks – Annotated Bibliographies
Homework: Listen to RadioLab’s “Playing God” and find 2-3 articles on your group’s topic using the LIBRARY RESOURCES and write at least 1 annotation.

Week 3

T September 4 – Annotated Bibliographies – Single Citation/Annotation Workshop
Homework: Revise annotation as necessary, find 2-3 more articles and write 2-3 more annotations

R September 6 – Full Annotated Bibliography Drafting Workshops
Homework: Revise Annotated Bibliography – DUE Sunday, September 9th at noon and read Ed Yong’s  Read Yong’s “On Jargon” and “The L.E.D. Quandary”

Week 4:

T September 11 – On Using Science Jargon – Writing Popular Science
Draft your individual article related to your group’s project

R September 13 Popular Science Articles – Examples – Drafting Workshop ONLINE – see email for directions. 
Homework: Revise your individual articles (and add visuals if you have them) – create wordpress website to host your Institute using – DUE Sunday by 5PM – uploaded to dropbox on sakai – 

Week 5

T September 18 – Regrouping: The website, the visuals, the mission statement – the formatting
Homework: Ready Websites for Unit 2 Final Drafting Workshop

R September 20 – Final Drafting Workshop –
Homework: Revise websites and articles as necessary: Email link to final project no later 5PM on Thursday September 27 

Week 6

T September 25 – Final Final Drafting Workshop – 
Revise Revise Revise

R September 27 – Unit 2 Introduction
Homework: Read Ian Brown’s “The Voodoo of Lobster Economics”

Week 7

T October 2 – Lobster Economics & Product Economics: Doing the Research, Finding the Math – Pick Groups and Brainstorm Topics
Homework: Research – Find at least 1 Primary Source and 1 secondary resource on your topic

R October 4 – Annotated Bibliographies (again) – Researching Business/Economics – 
Listen to 99% Invisible’s Articles of Interest #3: Pockets and Continue Researching! Flesh out your annotated bibliographies for a workshop on Tuesday

Week 8

T October 9 – Annotated Bibliographies Workshop + Material Cultural Aspects
Homework: Revise annotated bibs – adding as necessary to flesh them out + start writing your material cultural essay and start playing with infographics! (Look at Mona Chalabi’s Instragram Inographics)

R October 11 – Infographics! Essays! Mona Chalabi’s Instagram Infographics
Homework: Create an infographic and begin essay! Have a draft of each (one essay and one infographic) ready for next week.

Annotated Bibliographies Due Sunday by noon (uploaded to dropbox or emailed to me)

Week 9

T October 16 – Infographic and Essay Drafting Workshop
Homework: Revise essay and infographic for submission to dropbox on Sunday October 21 by 5pm

R October 18 – Fall Break No Class

Infographic and essay due by Tuesday in class (for drafting workshop)

Week 10

T October 23 –  Infographic Workshop
Homework: Revise Infographic – Finish Essay

R October 25 – Essay Workshop
Homework: Revise Essay

Week 11

T October 30 – Spark Pages Workshop
Polish Unit 2 Final Project – Due Sunday November 4th at noon (link emailed to instructor)

R November 1 – Review Unit 2 Final Spark Pages and Begin Unit 3 – Professional Development – 
Polish your Spark Pages and begin looking for a REU or other internship experience that may interest you.

Week 12

T November 6 – Looking for internships

R November 8 – Looking for Internships & Resumes
 1) find 1-3 experiences you might be interested in pursing and complete an internship profile & 2) create a resume to work on in class

Week 13

T November 13: Internship/REU Profile due in class (bring a print copy!) – CVs and Resumes – Two versions of the same genre & Resume Workshop
Homework: Revise your resume for submission on Thursday (in class)

R November 15: Resumes DUE IN CLASS today – CVs
Homework: create a CV and submit a digital copy by Monday November 19 to this google drive folder:

Week 14

T November 20: CV workshop
Homework: Revise your CVs

R November 22 – Thanksgiving Break 

Week 15

T November 27: CVs due in class! Personal Statements/Cover Letters
Homework: Create a Cover Letter or Personal Statement

R November 29: Cover Letter and Personal Statement Drafting Workshop
Homework: Revise your cover letters/personal statements

Week 16

T: December 4: LDOC – Final Projects Due on Wednesday December 5 (uploaded to dropbox)

Interdisciplinary Writing