Professional Development

Feeder 1 Instructions: How to create a profile for the formal/informal internship

Look for any of the following available information to use to create your VERY BRIEF profile (50-100 words):

  • Institution name and mission
  • Time commitment (dates, hours spent per week) or Program ScheduleStart Date/End Date
  • Hours per week
  • Daily work or other Internship/Shadowing Activities
  • Academic requirements and credentials
  • Other Application RequirementsLetters of Recommendation
  • Personal Essay
  • Cover Letters
  • Entrance Essays or other Application Questions
  • What will you do on the job? What experience do you imagine gaining from this program/internship?
  • How do you imagine this work fitting into your larger professional goals?
  • Presentation at the end? Post-Internship presentations?
  • Program evaluation strength & weaknesses
  • Money $$$ (Mo money Mo problems)
  • Room/Board
  • Stipend
  • Paid/unpaid work
  • Cost/Fees

Professional Writing

Letter of Support Requests
Cover Letters and Personal Statements

Business School Cover Letter Examples

Personal Statement Guidelines for Medical School (UNC)

UNC Medical School Sample Personal Statements


Interdisciplinary Writing