Cover Letters

Your cover letter is a companion piece to your resumé (more often) or curriculum vitae (sometimes).

The purpose of the COVER LETTER is to highlight and expand upon those skill sets that you already have and to account for those you don’t yet possess (or may possess in a more round-about manner) to demonstrate HOW/WHY you are an ideal candidate for the position in question.

  1. You should begin drafting your cover letter gathering enough information about the institution offering the position and the soft and hard requirements/recommendations of that position.
  2. Examine your CV to see how you fit for the position – how you meet the soft and hard requirements for the position in question: list all the recommended and required skills for the position in question
  3. Expand upon the recommended and required skills you possess–present an argument as to how your background makes you a good (or excellent) candidate for the position
  4. See where you might apply other skills to fulfill the recommended or required skill-sets listed in the application.
  5. Account for what recommended or required skills you lack (if necessary) –you may fit all their recommended or required skills or you may not wish to mention those recommended skills you lack – so long as you have all the required skills – if you lack required skills, you should reconsider applying for this position!)
  6. Finally, you should Format your letters appropriately! Please use the linked guide compiled by Dr. Julie Fann as a helpful reference!

Interdisciplinary Writing